The City of Lovran is situated at the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, in the Kvarner bay and on the slopes of the greenest and botancally richest mountain on the Adriatic sea - Učka (

The distance to Croatia's largest port, Rijeka, is 19 km, to a train station in Matulji 14 km, and to the airport in Pula 80 km. Lovran is surounded with tall mountains in the North and the West (Učka 1396m, Snježnik 1605 m, Risnjak 1528 m). In front of the city, in the Kvarner bay, lay the largest islands in the Adriatic sea - Krk and Cres.

The History

Lovran is a city of long and ruch history with over a 100 years experience in tourism. Its name came form the "lovor" plant (laurus nobilis) which grows richly in evergreen parks in the city and the sorrounding areas. The typical mediterranean climate,rich mediterranean vegetation and a good geographical position enabled the strong growth of tourism at the end of the 19th century. From those times, Lovran remained, along Opatija, the most important part of the Kvarner Riviera. Some beutiful villas built in that period are part of the worlds architectural herritage.

Lovran in the 21st century, has a rich historical beckground, a hundred years old tourism tradition, rich and preserved nature, a good infrastructure, all in all, a good foundation of anther rise of tourism, respecting all ecological standards. Of all the places that evolved on the eastern slopes of mountain Učka, Lovran is the oldest one at the Liburnian coast. Lovran preserved it's historical architecture dating back to the Middle age. The old city was surrounded with a fortified wall and towers, pieces of can still be recognized as walls of the oldest houses in the city.

At the turn of the century, Lovran was mostly occupied with members of Austo-Hungarian aristokracy. It has 4 large hotels, around 20 pansions, 4 sanatories and 2 large public baths - "Peharovo" and "Kvarner". Karl Lueger, the mayor of Vienna and Stanislaw Witkiewicz, a famous polish artist, where just a couple of famous people that spend every free moment enjoying the beauties and the healing climate of Lovran.

Tuurist offers
The "Lungomare" - is a 12 km long shore path that connects the 5 cities of the Kvarner Riviera - Lovran, Ika, Ičići, Opatija and Volosko. Unobstructed by traffic, this walk is a relaxing experience, and a way to live the mediterranean shores to the fullest.

The nearest national parks are: NP Plitvice, NP Risnjak, NP Brijuni.
Other interesting places: Venice, Postojnska Jama, Krk, Istra.

Tennis, mountain walks (Učka), mountain biking,diving, fishing.